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 About Kevin Wallace

I'm a professional photographer and journalist with more than 20 years of riveting experiences, capturing the human experience across the globe. The selection of images here shows vision, originality, technical understanding, and artistic drive, while inspiring a creative society to help highlight and improve the human condition and global state of events. Experimenting with various lighting situations and environments, while capitalizing on technical and artistic variations, I dedicated my pursuit to show common threads of life existing across oceans and mountains in some of the poorest parts of Asia and the Middle East, the oldest parts of Europe, and modern life and the state-of-the-art machines of North America. Through photography I artistically captured historic events and found unique ways to showcase common dealings such as: motherhood, politics, poverty, wildlife, wild rides, celebrations, sadness, solitude, perseverance, Princes, promises kept and broken, hanging on, and an inside look into a kinetic war zone. I have committed myself to showing the world what it is to love, hate, laugh and be afraid – to showcase the world as it is, while revealing how life could be.

I've committed the last decade of my life to spotlighting human experience and the wide array of circumstances in which humanity overcomes or succumbs to the climate it faces. In a world where, for too many, information is immediate and access is robust, an ever-growing threat exists where quantity overtakes quality across multiple spectrums of information and art. Whether examining music, theater, creative arts, photography, cinema, the repeats of repeats of repeats of remade movies, the undeniable theme exists where a plethora of competing arts and focuses exist. Perhaps more than ever, now quality and creativity is paramount in our crafts if we hope our creations will rise above competing masses to reach and inspire forward-thinking people to take a genuine look at this world and inspire them to act. 

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