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General Digital Photography only                                                                                     $125/hr 

Digital Photography and post-processing                                                                         $160/hr *

General Videography only                                                                                                   $140/hr 

Videography and packaged editing                                                                                    $190/hr

Time-lapse Project (daytime)                                                                                               $125/hr

Time-lapse Project (nighttime)                                                                                           $190/hr

Multi-media Package (2+ combination of photo/video/time-lapse)                                   $225/hr

General Medium-Format Film Photography (no post-processing available)                $140/hr



* This service includes digital photos only, printing service will cost extra and be calculated based on requested sizes         


Note: In addition to the hourly rate for any service, customers must also pay travel expenses and incidentals, including any lodging, meals or any other required expenses. 



Services Provided

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